What To Know About Motor Vehicle Accidents

What are the effects of a high velocity collision, such as a motor vehicle accident, on soft tissue in the human body?

When a person is involved in a motor vehicle accident, the probability of stretching/or injuring ligaments is high. Even with an unexpected minor rear-end collision, the whiplash effect can have significant consequences to the tissue, which holds the vertebrae in one’s neck or low back in place (i.e. ligaments). In other words, the structural integrity in one’s neck or low back after a high velocity collision may be substantially compromised.

With injured ligaments, a person will usually feel soreness and pain as a result of the soft tissue damage. Consequently, a person will often complain of headaches, inability to fully rotate their head, or bend at the waist. They may experience symptoms that radiate down their upper extremities or into their legs. After such a collision, people often experience an inability to concentrate or focus. Sleep is often dramatically compromised and pain persists, even with palliative care such as chiropractic or massage.

What do people really need after a motor vehicle accident?

People who have been involved in a car accident need a thorough examination by a physician who specializes in physical medicine.They may need prescription medication to manage the initial pain and muscle spasm in order to achieve much needed sleep and rest. To completely address the stretched/or damaged soft tissue (ie. ligaments), a person often will need injections directly administered into the tissue to stimulate and regenerate the collagen tissue which has been compromised.

What is the result of proper treatment after a high velocity impact which occurs when two or more large objects (ie. car or truck) collide into each other?

Proper evaluation and treatment of the soft tissue damage, as a result of a car accident, is essential for a complete and timely recovery. Injection therapy for soft tissue damage is well established as the most effective and safe treatment when performed by a qualified physician.

What is the consequence of not properly treating the soft tissue injury after a motor vehicle accident?

The result of not adequately treating soft tissue damage post-accident are symptoms of pain and discomfort which can persist for months or even years. Inadequate treatment of soft tissue damage often results in the inability to get back to work and/or perform the tasks of daily living prior to a motor vehicle accident. The lack of structural integrity in the neck or lower back often leads to vertebral disc avulsion and potential nerve root impingement. Over time, inadequate treatment of the the stretched/or injured tissue may lead to osteoarthritis in the facets (ie. joints) which join the vertebrae in one’s neck or low back. It may also lead to people scheduling unnecessary surgeries that often have poor prognosis or outcomes.

Get it right the first time!

A physician who is trained in regenerative injection therapies is a valuable asset to anyone who has experienced a neck or low back injury whether it is a sports related injury or as a result of a motor vehicle collision. Dr. David is highly experienced in medically treating injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. He believes there are many methods to try before considering surgery. Whether you were recently in an accident or are still experiencing pain and discomfort from a past accident, Dr. David can help! Call 503-286-4400


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