Feel and look your best with neuro-modulator therapy like Botox. Prevent and treat lines of expression which deepen with age. Call for a FREE consult with Dr. David to …

Sports injury

Stay in the game! Treat injury with proliferative injections that rapidly repair damaged collagen fibers in injured ligaments, tendons, and joints. Call for a FREE consult with Dr. David …

Hormone Replacement

Optimizing the driving forces in your body with bio-identical hormone replacement is an extremely important component to good health. To feel and function at your best, it is critical …

Motor Vehicle injury

A high-velocity impact from a car accident almost always causes ligaments to be injured. The result is some neck and low back pain. Correct these injuries with proliferative injections …

Regenerative Medicine

These safe injections of proliferative solution heal injured tendons, ligaments, and joints. This is the number one proven solution to correct low backs, necks, and all other joint pain …
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