Why Does Prolotherapy Work When Other Treatments Fail?


Tendons and ligaments are the fibrous structures that connect our muscles to bones and bones to bones. As we age ligaments lose their strength and elasticity becomng susceptible to injury.  Because ligaments have a rich nerve supply, even minor injuries can cause severe pain and dysfunction.  These injuries produce chronic pain in the hands, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, and feet, as well as neck, ribs, back, and sacrum.  The majority of these injuries mend through the body's own internal mechanism of fibrous tissue proliferation. However, many fail to heal treatment that can re-activate this natural proliferation and healing response allowing the tissue to regenerate and heal completley. 



Prolotherapy works well with other therapies combined. Whenever ligament pain is involved prolotherapy will enhance the benefits of other therapies.  That's because most of the pain associated with an injury is generated by weakened or damaged ligaments and prolotherapy specifiacally stimulates ligaments and tendons.  This new collagen strengthens and repairs incompletent and lax ligaments, stabilizes joints, and relieves pain while helping muscles to relax and vertebrae to stay inalignment. 

Rise2Health Staff

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