How Does Prolotherapy Work?

Chronic knee pain even following meniscus surgery? Ongoing neck pain after a motor vehicle accident requiring months of physical therapy with minimal improvement?  How about cycles of muscle tightness and spasm ever since a shoulder injury, despite lots of massage? Or chronic back pain or disc problems ever since giving birth to your child? All of these scenarios are typical of injuries not healing correctly, leading to instability and weakness around a joint.  The result is a pattern of chronic pain with tight muscles attempting to compensate for weak ligaments.

Prolotherapy attempts to re-initiate repair mechanisms at the specific site of injury by injecting detrose (or other natural stimulants)  to the area, creating focalized inflammation and mimicking the original repair process.  It stimulates the generation of new fibrous tissue, strengthening tendon and ligament attachments.  Once joint structures are strengthened both joint and muscle pain can be significantly, if not fully, eliminated.  Degenerative processes, such as those seen in osteoarthritis, can also be stopped and new cartilage encouraged to regenerate.  



Rise2Health Staff

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