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@ Rise2Health!

At Rise2Health keeping your body healthy and rid of harmful toxins is our top priority. Our clinic is currently promoting a Detox plan that is cost effective and easy to use! Dr. David believes that with the right combination of supplements you can detoxify naturally and improve your gut and liver health. Easier said than done, which is why Rise2Health has partnered with Pure Encapsulations to offer the right detox package for our patients.

The Detox Pure Pack consists of the following supplements:

  1. UltraNutrient®
  2. EPA/DHA Essentials
  3. Liver-G.I. Detox
  4. NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) 600 mg
  5. Taurine 1,000 mg

All listed supplements work together to have a detoxifying effect and promote overall wellness. NAC and taurine are amino acids that can assist in detoxification. PA/DHA Essentials supplies omega-3 fatty acids. UltraNutrient® provides important nutrients, the combination of supplements promotes cardio health and helps improve liver function.

Dietary Facts:

It can be difficult to set up a daily supplement regimen. Fortunately, the Detox Pure Pack from Pure Encapsulations has done the hard work for you! Take one eight-capsule packet daily with a meal. The individual supplement packs make the detox process effortless. Each box should last for about a month. 1 detox packet a day can easily improve your bodies overall health and well-being.

Rise2Health is offering the 30-day Detox Program for $199. This includes The Pure Encapsulations Detox Pack and access to our recommended licensed Dietitian, Lindsey Jones R.D. Dr. David believes that in addition to taking supplements it’s important to be aware of what you eat and how that too can affect your gut and liver health. Therefore, our clinic wants whoever’s involved in the Detox Program to also be informed and consulted by an experienced Dietician. We can ship anywhere in the U.S.A. Please call Rise2Health at 503-286-4400 if you’re interested in starting your Detox Program today!



Rise2Health Staff

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